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6 Things To Look For When Choosing A Family Dentist

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Finding a family dentist that has your interests at heart is not easy these days. Here’s what to consider when choosing a family dentist:

      1. Reputation – Basing your selection on a dentist’s past encounters with clients is a gamble that has a good chance of paying off. Online reviews are a good place to start.
      2. Recommendations – If your neighbor or someone you know likes the services of a dentist they have been using for the last three years, you’re likely to like it too. These questions will help you come up with your own opinion:
        • How long does one have to wait for an appointment?
        • How long will they keep me sitting in the waiting room?
        • How are bills handled?
        • How friendly is the dentist?
        • How do they handle emergencies?
      3. Use of technology – There are a number of technological advancements that have greatly improved dental care over the years and are considered a premium standard these days. They include digital X-rays; intra-oral cameras; autoclave sterilizers; and biolase laser for washing off tooth decay. A good dentist will keep up with the technology.
      4. Check your state dental board – Each state has a board of dentistry website that keeps important information about dentists in the state. Check to see the history of claims against the dentists in your neighborhood to know the ones you can trust.
      5. Location and office hours – Your selected candidate should be located closer to your home and be open on days and times you can schedule visits for family members.

      St-Therese Family Dentistry is a family dentist in Buena Park that meets most of these requirements and is only a phone call away. Have your meeting with him scheduled today. Call us  at 714-994-6911 to make an appointment.

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