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4 Services Offered From a Family Dentist

Children have special oral health needs that require special attention from specialized professionals.

A family dentist in Buena Park offers your child the opportunity to be treated by a qualified dentist with additional training in children’s oral health care.

The following services are offered by family dentists:

  1. Tooth Extractions

Circumstances that may necessitate a tooth extraction include risk of infection, orthodontic correction and wisdom teeth complications.

Irrespective of the reason, pediatric dentists are aware of children’s fear for such a presumably invasive procedure and know what to do to make your child comfortable and psychologically ready.

  1. Education on oral hygiene

Children below the age of ten know very little about what goes into achieving a bright healthy smile.

Most pediatric dentistry centers have programs to teach kids better hygiene methods and the importance of it.

  1. Space maintainers

A space maintainer is an appliance used to prevent adjacent teeth from subsiding into a gap left by a lost tooth.

It helps prevent misalignment and growth of crooked permanent teeth, which may prove to be bigger orthodontic problems in the future.

  1. Fluoride treatment

Fluoride serves as a common preventive treatment for tooth decay and cavities. Its application is usually a straightforward non-invasive procedure that can be performed right at the dentist’s office.

Usually, your child will return to normal use of their teeth about half an hour after the procedure has been completed.

Find a family dentist for your child

Your child will need dentistry services sooner or later.

Introduce them to a pediatric dentist and make them familiar to clinic settings by bringing them to St Therese Family Dentistry in Buena Park for a relaxed “meet and greet” office visit.

You can also call us at 714-994-6911 anytime if you wish to know more about our services or schedule an appointment for your child.

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